Tange Lomax

Tange Lomax

High Point, NC -

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Tange Lomax will play at 7:45 pm at The Garage on April 16th.

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"During the Black 2 Hip Hop showcase at Greensboro’s Blind Tiger, a rapper from High Point named Tange Lomax turned in a brief set at the midpoint of the evening that was like an electric charge reorganizing the chaotic atoms of diffuse energy.

Her precise elocution, focused energy, relentless pacing and unpredictability — exploding at the moment least expected — suggested a talented welterweight boxer landing punches, putting in the work instead of glorying in the title.

Lomax started recording at home in High Point with a Mac and a mic in 2011, assembling two albums and an EP, while improving her rap skills and songcraft. There’s an undeniable talent here, but Lomax — like most of her peers in the fertile but overlooked North Carolina hip-hop scene — is more focused on putting in her paces than looking for laurels.

The work is starting to pay off: The Source magazine featured Lomax’s video for “Black Models” from her five-track EP No Hard Feelings in early January. The gauzy production by the Greensboro-based Grovesideworks sets a foundation for Lomax’s wry but resilient reflections on urban adversity to take shape, with the video by Nomad Staff showing the artist dancing in front of Brian Davis’ butterfly mural on Washington Street.

Lomax was inspired to start rapping around the age of 8, after hearing Eve from Ruff Riders.

'I feel like it’s my purpose — it’s my gift,' Lomax told Triad City Beat. 'A lot of people wish they could do it, but they never had the confidence. I feel like it’s God’s purpose for me to spread positivity, joy and love through music.' " - Jordan Green, Triad City Beat