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Shadowgraphs will play at 8:45 pm at The Garage on April 15th.

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If Bryan Olson’s beautiful collage album artwork doesn’t draw you over to Return to Zero then I don’t know what else you could be looking for. The credentials for this album speak for themselves. Recorded on analog equipment at Bryan Olson’s home studio, the tracks were then sent to NYC to be mastered by Greg Calbi (Springsteen’s Born to Run, Simon’s Graceland, etc). The six-song release is a mesmerizing psychedelic overtaking in the vein of 13th floor Elevators and the golden age of enlightening psychedelic rock. The tracks blend together so stylishly it makes me want to drink spiked strawberry lemonades in the sunshine. “Moonchild” is one of those unattainably perfect nights where the groove is set by smart, steady rhythm and lights fizz around your head even (and especially) when your eyes are closed. “Return to Zero” is straightforward, bluesy and a completely distinctive sound to come out of our Queen City.

- Shirley Griffith, CLTure