Los Anacondas Del Amor

Los Anacondas Del Amor

Winston-Salem, NC -

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Los Anacondas Del Amor will play at 10:40 pm at Test Pattern on April 15th.

Artist Information

Hundreds of years ago, deep within the Amazon, there lived a mystical Shaman King who ruled his kingdom with a zealous devotion to nature. He had yet to father an heir to his throne as he suffered from impotence so, the Shaman King called upon the gods for eternal virility. Hearing his prayer, they bestowed upon him the serpent spirits, which gave him the gift of sacred rhythms that when played, evoked all lustful desire. But, this blessing became a curse, as the Shaman Kings immortal soul would wander the earth long after his death… eternally searching for fervent hearts to enslave.

It is here, during an Ayahuasca ceremony that the Shaman King spirit found his unholy servants. Four friends who drank from that magical chalice were given the rhythmic powers of the serpent spirits and were born anew. At the beckon of their ghostly King, they began their quest in spreading their lustful rhythms and melodies to inspire carnal pleasures throughout the world, appeasing the Amazonian gods.

“Los Anacondas del Amor” are:

Death Antler: Guitars, Percussion
Cobra Carlos: Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion
Andyconda: Bass, Trumpet
Sidewinder Scott: Drums, Percussion